Discussion Groups

Founded 27-Jul-2003
Last update 14-Jul-2012


Alexander Coins (YAHOO! Groups)
Dedicated to the study of the coinage of Alexander the Great.
ANE 2 (YAHOO! Groups)
A moderated academic discussion list that focuses on topics and issues of interest in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, from the Indus to the Nile, and from the beginnings of human habitation to the rise of Islam.
Classics-L (University of Kentucky)
Classical Greek and Latin Discussion Group.
Hellenistica (YAHOO! Groups)
For exploring Hellenistic history and culture from the times of Alexander to the last Kleopatra, as well as Canaanite and Carthaginian topics from the same period and beyond.
Iranica-L (YAHOO! Groups)
Devoted to discussing all aspects of the history of Iran from the earliest times to the advent of Islam, covering the pre-Median epoch, the Median and the Achaemenid Empires, the period of Iran’s cccupation under Alexander III of Macedon, diadochi, and the Seleucids, the Kingdom of Persis, the Parthian and the Sasanian Empires, the Elamite and Characenean Kingdoms, etc. See also The Arsacids (YAHOO! Groups).
Moneta-L (YAHOO! Groups)
Dedicated to the joys of ancient coin collecting. The period covered extends from the earliest coinage through medieval.
Parthia-L (YAHOO! Groups)
This forum is designed to facilitate the study of the Arshakani (Arsacid) dynasty, known to the west as the Parthians, and their extensive coinage. Included in discussions are the sub-kingdoms of Characene, Elymais and Persis, and other areas under Parthian control.
Seleukids (YAHOO! Groups)
The purpose of this list is to discuss the history, arts, numismatics and epigraphy of the hellenistic monarchies.?The Seleukid kings are of special interest but discussion of any of the monarchies is welcome.