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Bronze coin References

Identification Number ACH-AE-01

Mint: Sardis 1
Period: 220 - 214 BC
Denomination: AE Double Unit
Weight: 5.58 g
Diameter: 19 - 20 mm
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right, with corkscrew curls
Reverse: ‘ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩ[Σ]’ on right, ‘ΑΧΑΙΟΥ’ on left (“of King Achaios”); eagle standing right, palm branch over shoulder; control mark in outer right field, if any, off flan
Die axis:
References: Houghton and Lorber, SC I , 955.1; Newell, WSM , 1441 / 1445 / 1448; SNG Spaer , 833 / 836; Houghton, CSE , 609; BMC 4 , p. 30, Nos. 1 (Plate X, 3) and 2-3
Note: Coins of this series have either no control mark ( SC I , 955.1a) or a control mark in outer right field: ΔΙ (ibid, 955.1b), Χ (ibid, 955.1c), ΑΒ sideways (ibid, 955.1d), Α[Β] reading horizontally (ibid, 955.1e) or Τ (ibid, 955.1f).



1 The capital of ancient Lydia (a historic region of western Asia Minor).


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